SEO Marketing Strategy – Basic of SEO and Online Marketing


Almost all business currently existing have an online presence. For a business to grow its customer base and be more profitable, search engine optimization might just be the weapon missing from the arsenal. Google and Bing, the two largest search engines, attract virtually all internet marketing focus. Setting up your website to ensure that it is ranked highly in search engine results is the ultimate aim of search engine optimization. Given that E-commerce continues to grow in popularity worldwide, search engine optimization will assuredly continue being a large part of online marketing.


Plenty of strategies are used in SEO. One of the key ones is the use of the right keywords. The above marketing plan seeks to make sure that the content on a website has appropriate keywords that will have a high probability of being searched. Therefore, a site with more relevant keywords will appear high in search engine results. Moreover, an advertiser can use more specific and longer keywords to attract customers. Using long-tailed keywords are statistically proven to lead to higher conversion rates. The above statement means that more visitors to the website as a result of keywords turn out to be customers. With the enormous information on the internet, most visitors to a website are assumed to have done enough research and are ready to purchase a good from you.

Social Media

Having a significant social media presence another great search engine optimization marketing strategy. Billions of people are active on social media at any time of the day. Having many mentions on social media will increase the chances of higher results on search engines. Social media marketing is also very interactive and gives an advertiser a lot of feedback on how to more effectively attract potential traffic to the site. Links and other pathways to your website can be placed on all platforms to give potential customers a very quick route to your website.

Video Marketing

Just because online marketing is replacing traditional modes of advertising such as television does not mean that the former has done away with all the latter did. Audio-visual advertisements are by far the most efficient and attractive of the bunch. Video optimization is, hence, a particularly vital strategy when it comes to SEO. Having video advertisements for your business on your website or YouTube is a very effective strategy to rank high on search engine results and have quality video ads with high CTR (click through rates ) to turn potential customers into actual ones.

Quality Content

Probably the most simple and the most important of all SEO tactics is to have relevant content on your site. The quality of the content on your website is what will eventually turn a visitor into your site into an actual customer. You should also have an email list of your clients to keep them updated on recent developments on the site and to offer them information that would lead to them being loyal customers of yours. Relevant content ensures what people search for is what they get.

Quality content is the end all, be all of search engine optimization.

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